SCF S.r.l.

SCF S.r.l. is the main Italian collecting society which licenses sound recordings and music videos for use in broadcast, public performance and new media.

SCF S.r.l.

SCF collects royalties from all music users and distributes the revenues to performing artists and  record companies which own the rights on sound recordings and video clips.
With over 350 Members, today SCF represents more than 95% of the local and international recording repertoire distributed in Italy.

Through its licensing SCF allows hundreds of Italian radio and television stations, thousands of clubs, shops, pubs, restaurants, bars and other music users across Italy to play sound recordings and music videos in public.

SCF guarantees the protection of a precious good as music recordings can be considered. One the main SCF’s aim is to promote the culture of the legal use of music, making users more aware of the utilization of sound recordings in public venues according to current copyright laws.

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